Instruments that we offer

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Leica Stellaris8offered Techniques:
STED, FLIM, classical Confocal Microscopy.
Microscope Features:
Inverse Architecture, 20x Immersion, 86x Water, 93x Glycerol and 100x Oil Objectives. 2 x HyDS and 2x HyDX Detectors
BZ1, 03.157
Leica SP8offered Techniques:
classical Confocal Microscopy, FRAP
Microscope Features:
Upright Architecture, 10x Air, 20x Immersion, 40x Oil and 63x Glycerol as well as 20x, 40x and 63x Water Objectives, 2 x PMT and 1 x HyD Detectors
BZ1, 02.311
Leica SP5offered Techniques:
classical Confocal Microscopy, FRAP, live cell imaging
Microscope Features:
Inverse Architecture, 10x and 20x Air, 40x Oil and 63x Glycerol Objectives. 2 x HyD and 2x PMT Detectors
BZ1, 02.309
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