Instruments and Services

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GridIonTMLong Read Sequencing of DNA and RNA

  • Whole Genome Sequencing
    (assembly, SV- and SNV-detection, phasing)

  • Whole Transcriptome Sequencing
    (gene expression, splice variation,
    fusion transcripts, RNA-modification)

  • Epigenetics

  • Metagenomics

  • Targeted Sequencing

  • 16S Analysis

Fragment AnalyzerTM5200QC of DNA and RNA

  • Sizing and quantification of gDNA and long read sequencing libraries

  • QC of NGS libraries

  • Identification of CRISPR mutation events

  • RNA integrity of total RNA

QC of mRNA/ polyA+ RNA

  • Quantification and sizing of small RNA and microRNA

Here you can find available kits
QubitTM4 FluorometerFluorometric Quantification of

  • dsDNA

  • ssDNA

  • RNA

Here you can find available assays
DeNovixTM DS11 PlusSpectrophotometric Quantification of

  • DNA

  • RNA

  • Cells

Quantification in microvolumes or cuvettes

Fluorometric quantification
BioruptorTMSonicator for Nucleic Acids

  • Chromatin shearing

  • DNA shearing for NGS

  • DNA extraction from FFPE samples

  • RNA shearing

CFX Opus TM96 and
CFX OpusTM 384
Real-Time PCR Detection Systems

  • 96-well, 5-Color plus FRET

  • 384-well, 4-Color plus FRET


  • Enrichment of HMW DNA (CirculomicsTM)

  • Special gelelectrophoresis for HMW DNA

  • Fragmentation and size selection of DNA

  • Support with Illumina-Sequencing