Biology IT Support


BZ1, Hanns-Dieter-Hüsch-Weg 15, Room 00-360

Direct Contact

Lukas Hellmann (part of NACF)
06131-39 37223

Timo Wentong Lin (part of NACF)
06131-39 28790


MOGON II (High performance compute cluster)

Mogon II is the main supercomputer hosted  by the ZDV. We offer help with contact to the ZDV, setting up projects, installing software and setting up Docker containers on the cluster.


It is the end of the project and you want to archive your data? We can help your research group to familiarize with the iRODS technology, which is maintained by the ZDV for the purpose of archiving data at the end of your research projects.

Bioinformatics Support

If you need bioinformatical support for your projects we can help too. We especially have expertise regarding the analysis of omics data. We can also help by setting up reproducible workflows with Snakemake. Also we can help you automate analysis research steps by providing scripts. Please note, that we do expect scientific credit by co-authorship.

Data Management Plans (in the near future)

Providing a proper data management plan is mandatory for new DFG grants. Furthermore, a data management plan facilitates quality research and streamlines the analysis of data. We are planning to provide a lecture and a workshop regarding proper data management and setting up data management plans for grants or running projects.